Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Here are pictures of my Stockpile!

Will i decided it was time to break down and show you PART of my stockpile. The picture you see are all of items i purchased with coupons. Most of what you see was either FREE or very cheap. Someone once told me it was better to use the word inexpensive than the word cheap but personally i prefer the word CHEAP! So here is all my FREE and CHEAP stuff! Can you tell from the pictures i have a thing for laundry products and especially my Tide Stain Release? I love that product and the cheapest i have seen it is the small bottles at Walmart for $3.97. I purchased all of mine for either Free of less than $1.00. All of the Snuggle as of course FREE and all of the other detergent was either FREE or really cheap. I have tons of toothpaste and it is ALWAYS FREE! If you are a couponer you will know or very soon know that you never have to pay for toothpaste! I also have an abundance of Scrubbing Bubbles thanks to some awsome coupons and i will say that the new power sprayers are AWSOME! No more hovering over the tub constantly pushing , pushing and pushing on the button to get it to squirt out! I love the stuff! We have lots of crackers and snacks, sodas,and enough body wash to make my entire neighborhood smell really great! What do i plan to do with it you say? Well, i will keep everythng we will use, sell some of it and give away to people who need it as well. The picture reflect only about half of what i have and i have a whole other closet filled top to bottom and 7 drawers that are filled to capacity. I take my couponing seriously and save a SERIOUS amount of money doing it. Tell me about your stockpile or send me pictures, would love to hear from you!

Also , there are alot you can't even see in the pictures like a box full of makeup that was free, grilling mates Free,hand soap Free, and the plastic rolling cart is full of FREE dog food....... I LOVE COUPONS!!!!!!!

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