Sunday, May 9, 2010

Never Go To Walmart On A Sunday

Well, just back from Walmart and may i say it was not the best time to shop. I swear if we had been in there one more minute im certain they would have had to call the paddy wagon to come get me....It was a madhouse! We got some GREAT buys like FREE dog food .pull up wipes for 0.72 cents and McCormick Seasoning for burritos,sloppy joes that were FREE after coupons, and McCormick black pepper for 0.42 cents.

100 cans of dog food
6 pull up wipes
1 black pepper
10 McCormick seasonings

Used 10 q's 1.00 coupons on the McCormicks
10 q's for 3.00/5 cans of mighty dog
1.00 /1 q's Pull Ups wipes

Total was 82.23
PAID====== $5.51
check out the CHA -CHIG CHALLENGE TOO!
and my video below

Susie after Walmart Trauma!!!!!!!

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