Sunday, May 9, 2010

Hey guys! Here's a great deal we have dug up for you today!! Walmart has Capri Sun drinks on sale for $1.92. You can go here and order coupons from The Coupon Master worth $1.00 off making the Capri Sun drinks only 92 cents a box. What a deal!!! (note: The coupon shows the Capri Sun Sunrise drinks, but we've found that it works for any type of Capri Sun.) Be sure to check out the other great coupons listed on The Coupon Master while you're there, too. We have found that they are a great source to get some really great coupons for a really great price! What's even better?? The coupons come to you in the mail already cut out and ready to place in your binder!! WOO HOO!!! I DIG IT!!!!

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