Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ready set , get couponing!

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Hi everyone and welcome to our blog where we are Diggin The Deals we get with coupons!

We are a mother daughter team and love to use coupons to save our families money on the things we use everyday. We hope you will follow us along on this adventure as we work at Diggin The Deals up and share them with you! Happy Couponing!

Getting started with coupons
If you don't have a clue where to start then this is the place for you!

First things first: get your coupons!

There are 3 types of inserts containing coupons,redplum, (RP),smart source,(SS) and the Proctor and Gamble. Sunday papers contain these inserts and the Proctor and Gamble insert is usually once a month. I love getting the Proctor and Gamble!! A good rule of thumb is to buy as many papers as there are members in your family , for instance if you have 4 in your family you might want to maximize your savings potential by buying 4 papers. That part is up to you.

Other ways of getting more coupon inserts are by asking your neighbors for them if they do not use them, recycling centers,( if there is one available in your area) or even in the trash or dumpster diving. I personally have not resorted to dumpster diving but if i happened to be strolling by one and saw a pile of coupon inserts i would probably say "honey give me a boost I'm going in". You can always fumigate when you get home. lol....

You can also find coupons in your local grocery stores in the form of blinkies, tear pads and peelies on product packaging. If you just pay a little extra attention you will find them everywhere and say why did i not notice this before.

I personally cut most of my coupons and keep them in a rather large binder. Yes, i have had people say "wow you sure do have alot of coupons " and i say "yes this is my binder full of CASH!" Actually i feel they should call them CASHPONS instead of coupons!!!! Coupons are cash waiting for us to use them! You don't have to cut every single coupon if you don't want to , you can leave them whole if you prefer and file them by date and cut as needed. I just like being able to flip through my book of 'cashpons' and see immediately what i need. Sometimes i do have to admit i get it a bit over stuffed and then it becomes organized chaos and i have to have a coupon purge! lol .... You can purchase a binder at Walmart and baseball card sheets to put the coupons in , or you can do like my niece did when she first started and separate them in envelopes. What ever works for you! I cut every coupon even if it is not something i think i need at the moment because you never know when a deal is coming down the road and you will wish you had that coupon you threw away. I did this in the beginning stages of my couponing and missed out on some great deals and freebies, but not anymore.

I used to be a little embarrassed to take that big ole binder of coupons in the store , now i take it along everywhere i go proud to have it along. That big ole 'binder full of cash' has saved me a TON of money. Now , i don't know about you but i would rather spend my money on a new pair of shoes rather than toilet paper , tooth paste and other necessities. If you are a true couponer you will never pay for toothpaste again, I PROMISE!

You can find printable coupons all over the Internet and at the red plum and smart source sites i mentioned above. There is also a new way to use coupons and you don't have to cut them and carry them either, all you need is a cell phone. You can load those coupons onto your cellphone at Cellfire.

Watch out for coupons EVERYWHERE

Get to know your stores! In the area where i live we have Kroger and Walmart for shopping. I am praying for a Publix to come our way in the future. I have shopped and couponed at all these store.

The Kroger in our area her in southern Ky. doubles coupons up to .50. So if you have a .50 off tide coupon it will double to 1.00. Don't be afraid to go to the service desk and ask about their coupon policy as every store is different. I actually carry with me various policies concerning coupon use just in case i need to remind them. And yes i have used it to remind them a time or two. Always be nice, polite and courteous ,but do your homework and know the rules.

Always look at the store circulars that come with the Sunday papers and see whats on SALE, match your coupon to the best sale and start to see the savings happen! Maybe you only will save 20% or 30% at first but before you know it you will be a pro and saving a ton of your families money.

We will be letting you know more as we go along on this couponing adventure together. We do not want anyone to feel overwhelmed with the whole coupon thing , so just take your time. Start with one store and get to know it and how to use your coupons there and we will be filling you in on more basics and beginning steps of couponing.

Check back often and follow us as we will be Diggin The Deals that save you money!

Thanks for stopping by,

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